Blaurock Windows and Doors from Germany

Blaurock windows have received awards abroad for their superior quality, security and privacy. These windows offer the window and security shutter in the same unit. Tilt and turn, slide and tilt or fixed window with the security privacy, store shutter as one unit instead of two, makes them more affordable and much easier to install in both new construction and as replacement windows.
Blaurock windows are very popular on the waterfront and for clients who have second homes. They have passed Dade County hurricane testing, which reflects their security status. They feature a .29 U factor, 100% blackout, 85% sand absorption and 99% sound absorption when the window is closed and the exterior shutter is down. The windows and doors cannot be lifted from the exterior when the shutters are dropped. No intruder can ever get to the glass.
Hurrican Proofed Windows and Doors
More protection for your home and saving energy - Blaurock PVC windows and doors meet or exceed International Building Code standards for air / water / structural and large impact protection. They are tested by Metropolitan Date County protocols PA 201 (Large Missile Impact), PA 202 (Uniform Structural Loading) and PA 203 (Cycling Wind Pressure). The testing results indicate compliance with the Florida Building code and allow the installation of the windows in the High Velocity Hurricane Costal Zones.
Ideal both for new buildings as well as for renovation projects
The roller shutter is often mounted on top of the window or fitted inside the window reveal. Not only is this not very attractive, it also causes distinct loss of light. A Blaurock window/roller shutter invention is the perfect answer. It is a window with a roller shutter integrated in the upper part of the frame. The advantages for the house owner are amazing.
Your home... it's your refuge, your sanctuary, the place you and your family safest. It's a reason you need Blaurock Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors.